Telephone Bill Auditing

Auditing telephone bills for over a decade with a proven process resulting in large ongoing savings for your company. If you have a telecom or IT manager we can work together, and if not, we can build your telecom team.

Three Reasons to Consider a Telephone Bill Audit

  • Reduce your phone expenses (average 36%)
  • Obtain refunds your company is due
  • 90% of today’s telecom bills contain errors
  • Auditel Software is included with each audit at no extra cost

A telephone bill audit is different for every client so we provide a free consultation to discuss your needs and wishes. Here is a preface to our phone bill auditing and telecommunications services.

Our goals produce savings in more ways than one:

  • We investigate your telecommunications bills and bring you recommendations
  • Our recommendations have no carrier change required
  • We produce invisible audits where the only visible part is the savings
  • We provide proof of our audits so you see the actual savings (before and after bills)
  • We provide protection with our audits

Telephone Bill Tariff

Without a financial analysis of your telecom invoices your company can be sure mistakes and overcharges exist. Take the first step toward reducing your telephone and telecom expense with a preliminary consultation at no charge. Next we can determine how much money you have paid in error and how quickly we can recover your losses and obtain the refunds you are due. Our clients enjoy quick budget reductions and bill clean up.

Telephone Bill Consulting

Auditel has a staff of experts trained in telephone bill and telecom tariff to eliminate the guesswork in telecom services.

Telephone Consulting Services

  • Auditel performs a complete analysis of your telephone and telecom invoices
  • You will receive detailed telephone and telecom solutions
  • Auditel proprietary software included for ongoing recordkeeping
  • Auditel guarantees no disruption in your business
  • Auditel ensures services billed are those requested
  • Auditel proves refunds and monthly savings prior to invoicing

Telephone Expense Management and Project Management

Auditel provides unequalled project management services that are delivered timely, with minimal staff hours. We uncover savings, dispute items found in error, and ensure your refunds appear.

Our telephone and telecom reports are:

  • Accurate
  • Efficient
  • Will exceed your requirements

Telephone Bill Contract Negotiation

With most companies an accounts payable review of their telephone invoices consists of verifying the bill address is correct – based upon their locations list. There just isn’t enough time for your AP staff to spend researching the bills, learning tax and tariff when the bill payment is due. If your company has experience late fees you are a perfect candidate for Auditel. Let us take you to the tariff level, with our team by your side to give accurate recommendations, and reduce your budget you will be amazed at the results we will uncover, and how invisible our services are to your company…all without any carrier change.

  • Accurate Recommendations
  • Proof of actual savings before Auditel invoicing
  • Results that exceed your expectations

Telephone Bill Outsourcing
Whether your company needs to replace a telecom manager who has left the company or wants Auditel to become your telecom department we can provide the professional telecom services your company can depend on. Our services include telephone bill and telecom bill auditing, telecom consulting, RFP (request for proposal), and professional expert contract negotiation advice. With phone bills, telecom, and IT changing constantly, it is hard for any corporation to focus on telecom and their core business. Our consulting advice has been invaluable to many corporations and government agencies. Call us today to find out what your company has been missing.

Auditel Telecom Consulting Services
Auditel will verify your telecom invoices are correct by investigating the tariffs, circuit inventory, usage, usage fees, and contracts. You will be pleased with our results on these invoices:

  • Long Distance invoice auditing
  • VOIP invoice auditing.
  • Managed Data Services invoice auditing
  • Internet invoice auditing
  • Wireless invoice auditing

Request for Proposals (RFP):

  • Saves your company money
  • Saves your company time
  • Eliminates confusion
  • Contract Negotiation Available

Your Approval = Telephone Reduction

We investigate your telecommunications bills and find mistakes and overcharges. After we submit them to you – it is your decision. Nothing is done without your approval and permission. We find the mistakes and do the clean up after we receive your approvals. This allows you to focus on your core business.

Our Fee is Contingency Based
Your audit requires no retainer fees, no up front fees. Our fees are only based upon the savings you obtain. You are assured savings or there is no fee.